TU/e Man-Machine Match 2004

TU/e Man-Machine Match: Jeroen - Flits: 2-4



On Sunday 21th november 2004 a match was played at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven between international master Jeroen van den Akker and Netherlands strongest computer program Flits created by Adri Vermeulen. The match took place simultaneously with the Dutch Open Draughts Championship for computers. The match was broadcasted live both at damserver.nl and with a webcam. After two equal draws Flits won the first game of the tie-break. Flits unexpectedly gave Jeroen a piece advantage, and simultaneously brought a combinative threat into play. Jeroen didn't react adequately to the situation, after which Flits took a winning combination. A report about the match from Jeroen can be found on DamZ! (in Dutch).



first game 10.30h 20 minutes/player + 10 seconds/moveFlits - Jeroen van den Akker 1-1
second game 12.00h 20 minutes/player + 10 seconds/moveJeroen van den Akker - Flits 1-1
tie break13.30 10 minutes/player + 7 seconds/moveFlits - Jeroen van den Akker 2-0
Tie break games are played until a decision is reached with maximum of 4 games.


Jeroen van den Akker is a student at the department of biomedical engineering of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Jeroen already belongs for several years to elite of the Dutch draughts players and finished 5th at the Dutch Championship 2004 two points behind champion Kees Thijssen. Jeroen has been a promising player right from the beginning, earning the world title aspirants 1995 and a European title juniors 1999. His best achievement he obtained in the Bijlmertournament 2003, where he finished third amongst several of the best players in the world. In 2004 his results in the same tournament were less spectacular, but he convincingly beated former world champion Alexander Schwarzman (see games). games
Flits is a draughts program written by Adri Vermeulen. During the last decade Flits dominated computer draughts in the Netherlands. (see results of Dutch championships). In 2002 Flits achieved a remarkable result by beating grandmaster Johan Krajenbrink with 13-7. In 2003 even former world champion Valneris did not manage to beat Flits: 6-6. games

Live game

The live game is broadcasted at damserver.nl.

Completed games

The completed games are here.