142 problems of Bužinskij
Edvard Bužinskij For his 50th birthday Edvard Bužinskij has published 150 problems on the Shashki forum. Most of them were entered into the computer by Edwin Twiest. View the problems using the dambo applet. For those who don't know: Boezjinski has published several books, a very good one is "Strategia i taktyka w warcabach (1997)".
10000 Miniatures
The 'Archive Groeneveld' is a large collection of about 25000 (!) miniatures. A miniature is a draughts problem with seven white and seven black pieces. About 10000 of these miniatures have been entered into the computer by Eddie van de Acker. The archive is an initiative from Arie(?) Groeneveld, and was later continued by Rob Spijkers. You can now view these 10000 miniatures using the dambo applet. Each of the links below points to a page with about 100 tot 200 miniatures. Note that the quality of the problems may vary a lot.
Interactive draughts problems
The pages below contain some problems that can be solved interactively by clicking with the mouse. Due to the large amount of work to prepare the solutions this series has been discontinued.
12x12 Problems
Take a look at a few problems on a 12x12 board.